Teignmouth WNS

The Teignmouth Parishes weekly news sheets are published on this page.


Download this file (wns_01 DECEMBER 2019 UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_01 DECEMBER 2019 UPLOAD_1.doc[First Sunday of Advent][01/12/2019]Parish Admin655 Kb
Download this file (wns_DECEMBER DIARY 2019.doc)wns_DECEMBER DIARY 2019.doc[First Sunday of Advent][01/12/2019]Parish Admin133 Kb
Download this file (wns_24 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD.doc)wns_24 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD.doc[Christ the King][24/11/2019]Parish Admin630 Kb
Download this file (wns_December and Xmas_2019.doc)wns_December and Xmas_2019.doc[Christ the King][24/11/2019]Parish Admin164 Kb
Download this file (wns_17 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD.doc)wns_17 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD.doc[Second before Advent][17/11/2019]Parish Admin1042 Kb
Download this file (wns_10 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD_3.doc)wns_10 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD_3.doc[Remembrance Sunday][10/11/2019]Parish Admin599 Kb
Download this file (wns_03 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_03 NOVEMBER 2019 UPLOAD_1.doc[All Saints][03/11/2019]Parish Admin621 Kb
Download this file (wns_27 OCTOBER 2019 wns_UPLOAD.doc)wns_27 OCTOBER 2019 wns_UPLOAD.doc[Nineteenth after Trinity][27/10/2019]Parish Admin596 Kb

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