Emmaus Group

New members are invited to join St Michael's Emmaus Group.

We are an informal group that meets at Andrea and Alan Powell's house on Monday evenings at 7.30pm.

We start with tea or coffee and generally discuss things that have happened over the week. We then start with a prayer before following and working on the various readings to understand them in greater depth and trying to see what relevance they have for us today. Sometimes we digress and the atmosphere is so relaxed we come away thinking that we have not been studying in 'earnest'. However, it is so surprising that when subsequently one of the passages that we have studied is part of a service just how knowledgeable we feel, in fact we have taken ownership of the passage!

We are about to embark on a 26 week course of study on the 'Acts'. The weeks will be interspersed with holidays and other events such as Christians Together Meetings that happen on Mondays almost like outings!

If you think that you might like to give it a try contact Pam Reed 772689, Andrea Powell 879350 or Chris Vince on 776329.

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