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Recently I had the privilege of taking a funeral of a friend, Dr Hindole Sen, who was a Hindu but who went to a Catholic school in India so he was well versed in all things Christian. This led him to embraced both Christian and Hindu beliefs throughout his life giving him a deeply compassion nature, a spirituality that served his patients at Langdon Hospital, Dawlish for many years. Though an innovator within his branch of medicine he never wished for accolades or acclaim. I shared his funeral with a Hindu priest, chants and christian prayers were intermingled and shared by all who attended, reminding us again that Christ’s central message was to love one another, to be open to another, whatever their creed, colour or orientation. It is there, in the openness, that we will find the Christ of the Gospels.



This Coming Sunday (27 June) 

9.30am    Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth 

10.00am  Village Worship at St John's, Bishopsteignton 

10.30am  Holy Communion at St James', Teignmouth 

11.30am  Holy Communion at St Michael’s, Teignmouth 

5.15pm    Bible Reading & Community Prayers at St Nectan's, Ashcombe

6.30pm    Evensong at St John's, Luton

When coming to a church building, please wear a face covering. You will also be asked to maintain social distancing and leave as soon as the service is finished, sanitise your hands and provide contact details for NHS Test and Trace. We quite understand if you do not feel able to return to church at this time. 

Online service

This week's online service comes from St John's, Bishopsteignton and people from across the Diocese are being signposted to it. Thinking about how Jesus calmed the storm, we go down to the River Teign to reflect on current times and finding stability in times of change.  You can watch our previous Online Services here


This coming week

Tuesday 9.30am     Holy Communion at St Michael's, Teignmouth

Thursday 5pm        Evening Prayer via Zoom (click link to join).  (NB previously advertised service at 9.30am is now not taking place)

Open for Personal Prayer  -  Some of our churches are open for personal prayer:

  • St Michael’s, Teignmouth is open 10am-12 noon on Tuesdays & Saturdays 
  • St Mary’s, Ideford is open 10am-4pm on Wednesdays and 2nd & 4th Sundays
  • St John’s, Bishopsteignton is open 10am-12 noon on Wednesdays 
  • St Nectan's, Ashcombe is open 9.30am-3pm on Wednesdays and 1st & 3rd Saturdays 

There is also a Quiet Space in the churchyard at St John’s, Bishopsteignton which is open all day, every day for anyone to use.


In other news...  

Team Work required: as the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’. On Wednesday 23rd June at 10am, St Michael’s, Teignmouth welcomes anyone who could help out with their great Spring clean & clear out. Volunteers required from 10am, suitably dressed. Thank you!

News from Revd Helena Cermakova & Revd Jack Eastwood. 'We want to thank everyone for their continuing kindness and support to us as we await the proper documents for travel to the US. As we respond to requests from US immigration for information from us, we think it helpful to estimate a departure date.  This will help us in our planning and give you in our community something more helpful than 'we don't know'.  We have set a date and made arrangements to fly to America on February 15, 2022.  Again thank you for your support and thoughtfulness!'

Flower Festival. With the theme 'Dance for Joy' this event takes place at St Michael's, Teignmouth from 14-18 July. Click here for more details.

Praying for people who are unwell It is not possible to publish the names of people who would like our prayers on our website or in the email newsletter due to data protection reasons. However, names are shared in confidence with our extended ministry team and they pray on behalf of all of our churches. If you have a specific prayer request please send details to Mervyn Niblett, Team Administrator. He will pass it on in strict confidence. The clergy will also be happy to pray over the phone so please do contact them

Praying at home  -  Information and resources can be downloaded here and Compline (Night Prayer) is available every day. If you would like a printed copy, please contact the clergy

We appreciate this is a time of concern and please be assured of our prayers and support.


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