Here is a Reflection for Lent with suggested reading for Lent 


Lent Course

The theme of the course is A Story to Tell and we will be looking at what we can learn from four people who met Jesus in the context of our current times. Not least, through the media, this COVID season has been & is one of individual story telling. There have been kindnesses…stories of hope, to date: think Captain Tom, for example. But also stories of loss and isolation. We hope to pick up something of this season’s light and shadow through the lives of several Bible characters.

The Lent Course will be meeting via Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 7.30-8.45pm. (To join click the above link just before 7.30pm). 

You will find it helpful to read each entry before the session. Simply click on the title shown below.

The Daughter of Jairus – Waiting       Wednesday 24 February

When Jesus was called by Jairus to come to his house because his daughter was dying, Jesus kept him waiting to begin with. We live in times where we too are waiting: waiting for the end of the pandemic and its restrictions; waiting for the vaccination programme to take full effect; waiting for life to have a sense of ‘normality’ once again’; waiting to see to touch the people we love. 

Nicodemus – Darkness      Wednesday 3 March       

Nicodemus - Light             Wednesday 10 March

In two separate sessions, we consider Nicodemus, a significant figure among the Jews. How he first to Jesus in darkness to seek spiritual direction and later on that first Good Friday took the Lord’s body to be laid in the tomb as an act of devotion. The last year has been very dark in many ways and many people have ‘lost their way’ but there are also signs of hope and light for the future.

Mary & Martha – Distraction     Wednesday 17 March

This well known story of Martha’s frustration at preparing a meal for Jesus without help from her younger sister, Mary resonates with many of us. It’s a story which helps us to thing about finding God in the ordinary things of life and the priorities we have.

John – Beloved      Wednesday 24 March

John is know as the disciple who Jesus loved and was a key figure in many of the events of the Christ’s life. John helps us to understand more about what it is to be loved by God. 

You are welcome to use the material at any time you want to – and if you can’t join the Group itself, you may like to read and reflect on it on the same day. 

The material we will be using has been written by Richard Frost, one of our Team Readers and you'll find some short films for Lent on his website.

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