Teignmouth WNS

The Teignmouth Parishes weekly news sheets are published on this page.


Download this file (wns_19 MAY 2019 New_UPLOAD_1_1.doc)wns_19 MAY 2019 New_UPLOAD_1_1.doc[Fifth Sunday of Easter][19/05/2019]Parish Admin582 Kb
Download this file (wns_12 MAY 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_12 MAY 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc[Fourth Sunday of Easter][12/05/2019]Parish Admin559 Kb
Download this file (Holy_Land_May 5 and 12_2020.doc)Holy_Land_May 5 and 12_2020.doc[Third Sunday of Easter][05/05/2019]Parish Admin39 Kb
Download this file (wns_05 MAY 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_05 MAY 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc[Third Sunday of Easter][05/05/2019]Parish Admin671 Kb
Download this file (wns_28 APRIL 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_28 APRIL 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc[Second of Easter][28/04/2019]Parish Admin597 Kb
Download this file (wns_MAY_JUNE DIARY 2019_1.doc)wns_MAY_JUNE DIARY 2019_1.doc[Second of Easter][28/04/2019]Parish Admin136 Kb
Download this file (wns_21 APRIL 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_21 APRIL 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc[Easter Sunday][21/04/2019]Parish Admin573 Kb
Download this file (wns_14 APRIL 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc)wns_14 APRIL 2019 New_UPLOAD_1.doc[Palm Sunday][14/04/2019]Parish Admin651 Kb
Download this file (Holy Week Services 2019 V3.doc)Holy Week Services 2019 V3.doc[Palm Sunday][14/04/2019]Parish Admin199 Kb

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